1. Why is the map not showing any bus?

    The live map only shows buses that are operating to pick and drop passengers. Buses that are scheduled for maintenance will not be shown on map even if it is running on road.

  2. Is this live map free for all?


  3. Is it possible to track buses online apart from the live map?


  4. Is this tracker only installed in Sunway Resort City Free Shuttle Bus?

    Yes. Currently MYUNIBUS only provides online tracking service for both Sunway Resort City Free Shuttle Bus.

  5. What is the operation time of the bus?

    It operates from 0700 to 2130 hours daily. For weekend & public holiday, it operates from 0900 to 2130 hours.
    For more information please visit http://www.sunway.com.my/shuttleservice/.

  6. Who do we contact if there is problem viewing the website or live map?

    Please drop us an email at myunibus@gmail.com and we will take necessary action as reported.

  7. What is the accuracy of this live updates?

    It refreshes every 30 seconds. Please allow 30 seconds variance in your journey planning.

  8. How do we give feedback on this new service?

    Please drop us an email at myunibus@gmail.com. We appreciate constructive feedback and advice from all users and non-users.

  9. What are the advantages of using MYUNIBUS?

    You may estimate the time of arrival of the bus according to the location of the bus on the live map. Journey planning made easier when you are more informed. Please allow 30 seconds variance in your journey planning.

  10. If I'm on the bus and there is a breakdown on the bus, who should I contact?

    You may file a report to support@sunway.com.my or myunibus@gmail.com.

  11. What is MYUNIBUS?

    MYUNIBUS is a social entrepreneurship project which aims to reduce the waiting time of the users of Sunway Resort City Free Shuttle Bus. We are providing an avenue for students especially and other users, to track buses online via a website in order to plan their journey ahead.