MyUniBus service will be suspended on 16th September 2014

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Without realising it is almost a year since we have started the MyUniBus project. It was a social entrepreneurship attempt to experiment how we can provide services through innovative means to offer convenience to local community at Bandar Sunway. With the support from Sunway Travel and Sunway University, we considered the project a success.

Unfortunately, this is also the time we have to announce that the project will slowly come to an end. Yes, it is decided, for the moment, that MyUniBus project will be suspended on 16th September 2014 until further notice. We appreciate all our supporters - first and foremost, our users. Your usage of our service and feedback have been really helpful in assisting us to improve what we wish to do at our best effort. Secondly, Sunway Travel has been really supportive in allowing us to run our to-be-perfected system in the past 11 months. Finally, Sunway University has provided all the technical support despite their busy schedule in keeping the service alive. We are all in debt of your support.

At this moment, we are planning and exploring ways to bring the services forward in newer and better ways. Please do dropby our Facebook page to provide us feedback and ideas, so that we will decided only on things that will benefit you at the first place. Our focus has always been you, our users. We admit the service was at times buggy and unstable, but we also know many times it makes commuting around Bandar Sunway a lot easier and plannable.

Once again, we would like to convey our gratitude to you for your support all these while. It is sad to say good bye, but we will be back once we have new exciting updates for you!

Yours sincererly,

MyUniBus team.
first posted 2014-08-23 16:41, updated 2014-09-15 13:50

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